Kung Fu Master Si-Gung Angel Velazquez

master angel velazquez training kung fu with seming ma

Grand Master Seming Ma's Disciple

By Grand Master Seming Ma, Ng Ga Kuen Kung Fu Center

7th Degree Black Sash

By The Martial Arts Masters World Federation

Master Instructor Title

By Grand Master Seming Ma

Master Velazquez's Awards & Recognitions

The Martial Arts Magazine

Front of December 2006 's Issue

Angel Velazquez certificate from Grand Master Eric Lee

Martial Arts Recognitions Awarded by:

Angel's Black Tiger Academy

Is a Five-Star-Rated Martial Arts Institution in Kug Fu Shaolin 5 Animals System
in the State of California USA

Master Velazquez's Titles

Master in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude

California State University, Los Angeles, College of Business
July 1992

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